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We were looking to add landscaping that would enhance our large natural yard at the side of the lake to allow for more outdoor living and enjoyment.


We wanted a design that complemented the natural lakeshore while keeping it undisturbed, but at the same time provided for more level and usable areas with grass and a patio and firepit.  ​


What we got was our yard back and an appreciation for just how large of a space we actually had.  Capt’n Crow did this using natural stone steps, paving blocks, and grass, with discrete, yet functional retaining walls that do not overwhelm.

We were very impressed with the quality attention to detail in the placement of every single stone, every roll of sod, and every rock.

- M. Cunning, Homeowner




The natural swim pond at our place turned out exactly how we expected it to. That is saying a lot considering our original plans consisted of some hand-drawn sketches and a lot of Pinterest photos.


Capt'n Crow took and transformed into a working set of plans with all the details and specifics thought out. Josh consulted with some experts in swim ponds to get some technical advice and the results have been amazing.

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It was a very adventurous concept and design and not something that’s commonly built in North America, so there were not a lot of projects to copy any ideas from.


We’re thrilled with the results of the pond, we use it every day all season, and it has transformed our property and given us that ‘lake’ experience that we wanted so badly. Our experience working with Capt'n Crow has been very positive

- Dan & Heather, Homeowners

Calgary Natural Pool

THE Crow TeaM

Before & After


Josh and his crew (who have all worked for him for years) are a fantastic hardworking bunch that designed and developed our backyard for a unique and useable look.


He really listened to our wants and needs and budget to give us more than we thought possible.


People comment on our yard all the time.


They worked hard and were in and out in record time compared to other landscapers we have used. They have lots of equipment and easy access to the materials they need.

- D. P, Homeowner


Josh and his crew built an amazing front yard for us, complete with boulders and a stunning waterfall. They worked very hard to complete the project in a relatively short period of time, and even though there were a few unexpected issues, they offered alternatives which proved to be exactly what was needed.

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The design includes a patio, which allows us to interact with people walking by.


Some of their comments: "Wow! Yard is beautiful.", "Love the waterfall", "Really makes your house pop", "Nicest front garden in the neighbourhood".


Thank you Josh!

- Cathy, Homeowner

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custom woodwork