Fall Clean-Up Checklist

"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall." - Oscar Wilde

With the leaves falling and the breeze cooling, we're reminded of pumpkin pie and visiting corn mazes. Autumn marks the end of the growing season and a time when things slow down. We often turn to focus our attention to our homes and families. Thanksgiving dinners are being planned and our yards are needing some serious tender, love and care!

We've made a list of helpful tasks to get your outdoor space ready for winter so it's in great condition for next spring.

  1. Rake leaves, you can compost the leaves in large paper bags or consider putting them in a corner of your yard to save pollinators that may have made their over winter homes there.

  2. Stain or seal any wood surfaces that need it before the snow comes. Staining or sealing your wood every 3-5 years will extend the life of your wooden structures.

  3. Mow your lawn one last time for the season, spread a high phosphorous fertilizer over your lawn and aerate soil for lush green grass in the spring.

  4. Harvest your veggies, consider pickling and making salsas with the extra harvest. Save seeds for next spring by drying them and storing in airtight containers and planting them in the spring.

  5. Prune trees, shrubs and perennial plants for the winter. Bring in any bulbs or plants that cannot survive harsh winter weather for storage.

  6. Weed your garden now, you'll have fewer weeds in the spring.

  7. Collect leaves or add mulch to cover your garden beds over winter.

  8. Cover any outdoor furniture that could be damaged over winter and put cushions in storage or covered to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

Protip: Put your Christmas lights up in the fall, it's a warmer and less dangerous time of year to do it.

Don't forget to download our free checklist printable to check off all autumn long.

Download PDF • 32KB

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