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Why Permeable Pavers

Give new meaning to the term 'environmentally conscious' with permeable pavers that are as eye-catching as they are eco-friendly.

Permeable pavers are solid individual units typically made of pre-cast concrete, brick, stone, or cobbles. Not only are they durable and aesthetically pleasing, but they can also play an important role in the management and conservation of rainwater.

The role of permeable pavement systems is to allow water to pass through the joints of the paving stones and seep into the ground naturally, or retained in the base/subbase structure rather than turning into runoff headed directly into the sewer system.

It also filters out suspended solids and pollutants such as contaminants from vehicles, de-icing salt, and chemical products, keeping them from polluting our local water systems. We are more aware than ever of the crucial need to review our traditional ways of handling stormwater.

With all the desirable features of our traditional pavers and the added functionality of effective surface water management, there is no need to choose between style and protecting the environment. Permeable pavers are a rock-solid way to treat your home to an elegant upgrade while keeping the grander environment in mind. With this option, stress less about flooding, puddling, ice accumulation, and other issues that can arise due to surface water accumulation.


  • Reduction of surface runoff.

  • Recharge of the groundwater table.

  • Reduction of erosion and flooding risks associated with high runoff volumes.

  • Reduces wastewater treatment costs.

  • Increases the value of a home.

  • Lasts longer than asphalt.

  • Less ice formation and puddling since the water does not accumulate on the surface of the pavers.

We love quality products and often work with Techo-Bloc products for pre-casted concrete paving stones, slabs retaining walls, and stairs. They come in a wide variety of colours and styles that can be used to make unique design combinations.

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